Read What Patients Are Saying

After experiencing severe back pain for several weeks after moving a heavy piece of furniture, I contacted Carol for help. And am I ever grateful that i did! First of all, the ease of having her come to my home at a time that worked best for my schedule was a great plus. In addition to evaluating my back pain, Carol’s initial evaluation revealed areas in my posture that were contributing to the problem, and started me on a simple physical therapy plan which I was able to follow without any additional pain. In fact it was quite the opposite, the stretches began to help ease the pain quite quickly.

Throughout the regular sessions, Carol built on what had been accomplished each week. She was extremely professional, experienced and knowledgeable, always patient and encouraging, yet ‘cheering me on’ to build more and more muscle strength. As she introduced each new exercise, she adapted them to what was available in my home, and demonstrated how I could use the couch, kitchen table, and stairs to aid me in my physical therapy routine.

Carol was always available for questions and feedback, and her personal care and concern was evident. I highly recommend Carol to anyone considering physical therapy. Time spent with her will be well worth it.
— Judy
I have used Carol’s physical therapy services for the last 9 months. She has helped me with neck issues, as well as some hip and twisted torso problems. I appreciate her professionalism and flexibility in coming to the house. I especially like the way she explains why I need to do certain stretches/exercises and makes sure I am doing them the correct way to achieve desired results!
— Kristin
Carol, my personal therapist was very helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to explain things. She listened and adjusted things as needed. I am more than happy with my results. A+ to her!!
— Keith
I have enjoyed having Carol as my physical therapist. She has been patient with me and worked hard to find a way to help me get better. She tried all kinds of ways to help me get better with my heel. I will miss her. Thank you, Carol for helping me!
— Lori
Carol is a wonderful person to have on staff. Her knowledge of the body is amazing, and in turn, knowing how to heal the body with her physical therapy. Carol is also sensitive to any emotional issues a person might be experiencing. Her Christianity shines through, which makes her care for a person as a whole, not just the physical. I can’t say enough good about the merits of Carol and I will always request her if the need arises for any future physical therapy.
— Taryl
I started physical therapy for my low back pain. Not only did Carol treat my back pain, she found my ribs were out of place, and made sure the exercises given to me not only helped the areas we were working on, but helped me in other ways as well. Such as breathing exercises to help with my asthma and anxiety. The exercises showed me how far I needed to go, but also were attainable goals to conquer. Each week I see myself getting stronger and feeling better with every set of exercises I do.
— Emily
I have had PT following two separate hip replacements over the past two years. I received excellent care and service. My physical therapist, Carol Rosenau, was professional and caring. She introduced exercises/stretches/routines at the appropriate time in my healing process which helped me quickly regain my flexibility and strength. I would recommend PT by Carol to anyone needing PT to improve their lives.
— Kris
Carol is an excellent physical therapist in Blair Ne. In 2014, I had foot surgery. My physician suggested rehab and Carol was my PT. she gave me excellent, practical exercises as well as encouragement and gentle treatment and today I am completely healed, with full functionality.

In 2016, I hurt my shoulder. I couldn’t’ sleep well and my physician suggested PT. Thankfully, Carol Rosenau was my therapist. She explained some of the complexity of the shoulder rotator cuff, and gave me a series of exercises as well as encouraging ice packs. She told me that tendons take a long time to heal and that to avoid further damage that I not lift or reach overhead for 2-3 months. The exercises each week built on the previous ones. She carefully drew pictures so that I could understand and remember the home exercises and asked me to check with her if I didn’t understand something. Now I am working up in weight, sleep well and am regaining use of my arm and shoulder.

Carol is also an active member of the community. I first met her about ten years ago when she and her family helped my husband and me with Adopt-A-Highway, walking the 2 miles of highway each way twice a year to pick up trash.

She is a hard-working, kind, friendly person.
— Connie