Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

If you have a condition or injury that would benefit from physical therapy, give me a call (402) 704-6060 or send me an email and we will find a time that works for you. I can work around a variety of schedules and even offer some early morning and evening appointments. I will come to your home, bring all the necessary equipment and supplies, and start with an evaluation to see what treatment is needed. We will discuss a treatment plan that will work for you and get started on making you feel you better!

Do I need a Doctor’s order?

No. To receive physical therapy services, you do not need a doctor’s order or referral. However, some insurance companies require a doctor's order when an insurance claim is submitted, so check with your insurance company if you wish to submit a claim. If you have a doctor’s order or referral, please let me know, as that is helpful information and will help me take the best care of you!

What about my insurance?

PT by Carol is an out-of-network provider for all insurance. I have invoices available if you wish to file a claim with your insurance company. I am not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. This helps me keep my costs to you as low as possible.

What do your PT services cost?

Consultation: No strings attached! Contact me by phone or email and we will work out a time for this by-phone consultation. Duration: 10-15 minutes Cost: FREE

Evaluation: For clients new to my services, or for a new condition, I ask you to start with this. Duration: 75 minutes Cost: $120 + $0.50/mile to/from Blair, NE

At-home Visit: Select this if you have already been evaluated for your current condition. Duration: 60 minutes Cost: $100 + $0.50/mile to/from Blair, NE

PT by Carol donates a percentage of its proceeds to provide physical therapy to people in Masaya, Nicaragua, through the organization Students International.

Students International, a U.S.-based nonprofit combining the efforts of its full-time staff with student volunteers, serves the physical, spiritual and community development needs of people across Central America. To learn more go to: Students International

How do I pay for PT services?

Primary payment method is by checks payable to PT by Carol. Payment can also be accepted from Health Savings Accounts via credit/debit card.

What about my X rays, MRI, CT scan or other test results?

Such test results are all helpful information, They can help me become more familiar with your condition. If you obtain these for your own personal records and have them available when I visit, it will greatly help me to help you heal.

Can you communicate with my Doctor or other health care provider?

Yes, I’m happy to communicate with them --by phone, email, or mail-- to coordinate the best care for you. I’ve worked with the providers in this area since 2002 and am very familiar with them and their practices.

Do I need any special equipment or supplies?

No, I’ll bring it all with me. An exception might be if you need a brace or a small exercise item which you can easily find locally.

What are your qualifications?

Licensed Physical Therapist since 1986
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist for 15 years
Postural Restoration Approach practitoner since 2000. (This approach strives to correct the root problems of pain, not just treat symptoms. For details, see the Postural Restoration tab below.)
For most of my career, I have worked in rural hospital outpatient clinics treating a variety of spinal conditions, joint disorders and injuries as well as conducting post-surgical rehabilitation. I have had success treating patients who have not had relief from other treatments. I have a special interest in feet and foot care, and if necessary I can use a variety of orthotic options to fit the need.

Isn’t Home Care Physical Therapy only for disabled people who can’t leave their homes easily?

Yes, traditionally in-home physical therapy has been for the frail and disabled population-- those who struggle to leave their homes. But PT by Carol is for anyone who wants the convenience and time-saving of treatment at home.

What is Postural Restoration?

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) is an approach to treatment within physical therapy that looks at postural asymmetries as an underlying cause of joint and muscle pain conditions. Common malalignment patterns exist in humans because we are not symmetrical beings, having differences between our right and left sides including muscular, respiratory, neurological, circulatory and visual systems.

PRI recognizes common imbalances and typical patterns that develop with system disuse or weakness that develops with dominant overuse of one side of the body. Standing on the right leg more than the left, reaching with the dominant hand (usually the right) more than the left, often tilting the head to one side--these all are examples of common patterns that might demonstrate underlying asymmetry which can lead to overuse and pain in specific joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles. Sometimes these asymmetries are brought on by asymmetrical activities or sport. Baseball or volleyball are examples. But anything we do with one hand/arm or foot/leg more than the other could contribute. The way we sit, lie, or stand can also be a factor or an indication.

An example: knee pain that is not from a specific injury. This might stem from a pelvis that is unlevel and slightly twisted, causing the femur (thigh bone) to be rotated and not in good alignment with the lower leg bone, putting stress on the knee ligaments. PRI testing would reveal this and treatment would focus on exercises that work the muscles needed to realign the pelvis and hip which would take the stress off the ligaments in the knee.

PRI seeks to examine and treat these conditions with a progression of activities that rebalance position, movement and sensation. This lets the body relearn how to move and function freely as it was designed to do. It treats the underlying cause of pain, solving the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.

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