About PT by Carol

Hi!  I am Carol Rosenau. 

I am a physical therapist with a passion for helping  people who are hurting.

I’ve been there myself!  I understand what it’s like to be hurt and unable to do normal life—caring for yourself or your family. Since 1986, I’ve been fortunate to work in physical therapy, a profession that specializes in healing and returning people to active life. 

My goal is to offer quality P.T. --physical therapy --treatment in a flexible, convenient format that fits your life. I travel to homes in and around Blair, Nebraska, bringing the equipment, knowledge, and caring to help you overcome your painful condition.

Using combination of pain relief methods, hands on techniques and exercises tailored to your specific problems, I provide highly personalized care that specializes in solving underlying problems and teaching clients how to live life without pain.  



The best treatment seeks to discover the source of pain, or the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms, such as pain or swelling. The best treatment  also goes further, providing you with education and understanding so that the condition can be avoided in the future. The best treatment is my goal. 

Holistic health care sees each person as unique, made up of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts that are interdependent. Caring for the whole person is the most effective way to pursue optimum health. My philosophy is to give the kind of personalized care that I would want to receive. 

MY Background

I was raised in central Nebraska, where my family farmed and raised cattle. I started out studying agriculture, but soon figured out that I belonged in health care. I graduated from the Physical Therapy program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. For over 30 years I have enjoyed working with a great variety of patients in rural hospitals, nursing homes, and in private homes before launching my own practice.   My husband and I have three human children and two furry ones. We have lived in Blair since 2002.